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Police Boss Disappears with Expensive Government Vehicle without a Trace

In a shocking development, a senior officer with the Kenyan police force has suddenly disappeared without a trace taking with him an expensive government automobile.

An alert has reportedly been issued after a police boss disappeared with a senior officer’s expensive government vehicle.

According to The Kenyans, Mbooni Officer Commanding Station (OCS) Abraham Borborei is said to have vanished with the official vehicle of area OCPD and cannot be traced.

According to OCPD James Barasa, the officer was driving the Grand Tiger with government registration but later went missing without a trace.

The officer is said to have gone underground with efforts to reach him through all possible means proving futile.

The police department is now said to have circulated the alert warning about the officer who is also armed.

“Up to now on September 2 2016 his whereabouts are not known…efforts to trace him through his mobile numbers have been all in vain,” the alert was quoted by a local daily.

The notice also informed his colleagues to track him noting that he still posses his gun thus rendering him dangerous.

“Please trace him and detain the said motor vehicle. He is also armed with a Ceska pistol. Disarm him and then inform this end for necessary action,”
the notice added.

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