Ibrahim Idris K

Open Letter to the Nigerian Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim K. Idris

Following the news that all prospective candidates for recruitment into the Nigeria Police Force have to undergo a lie detector test, a Nigerian has reacted.

Ibrahim K. Idris
I great you with all respects abound and wish to call your attention to the extreme recruitment procedure introdduced in the ongoing police  recruitment, the process as confirmed by you through various newspaper reports, involves using LIE DETECTOR on recruits presently undergoing recruitment under the 2016 Nigeria police recruitment process. From all indication it seems the plan is designed to ascertain whether the recruit is lying or not in his answers.
This procedure have been rumoured to have being championed by you and as God will have it, you confessed by yourself that you are introducing Lie detector to the recruitment process as reported  in various online and mainstream media.
What baffled many of us is that, is using a lie DETECTOR contitutional ? if it is not, then, you the custodian of the law will end up breaking it into pieces. I mean, what is the origin of a lie detector? why was it made ? From the little knowledge i have of it, i think, it is usually used on criminals to ascertain the veracity of their statements, but not used on innocent recruits in search of survival, though some may be enlisting for the love of the uniform but for very many, it is because they just need a job, just like one military recruit i interviewed, in my questions i asked him, what of if they will be taken to Sambisa forest after their passing out to fight the dreaded Boko Haram, he said “what ever” and further informed me that he just need salary to start flowing.
In some other aspects, lies detector can be used in a court of law as approved by the provisions of the law, but not some innocent, hungry and jobless recruits who are lucky and have been  sleepless for many years due to lack of job and you now intend to use it on this ‘recruits for change’, then I bet you that none of them will scale through. What these means is that you should then drop the recruitment process because the boys must have some lies to tell in their age or educational qualifications. Please do not get me wrong, I am in no way supporting lying and it will be criminal for the later, but for the former, it seems legitimate since their various lives where wasted by the Nigerian state over the period they roam for employment opportunities. Many of them must have a lie to tell inorder to pass through the process.
Sir, why not borrow it to the EFCC so that they can make good use of it and I assure you and further advice to import another one because EFCC may soon have to come back to you in one week asking for another machine, because the one of last week will be choked with the lie – lie of corrupt politicians and leaders under financial investigation by relevant authorities or it may be experiencing constant breakdowns because of the hefty – hefty lies the machine have to endure as told by these corrupt people under investigation and that will certainly lead to its demise.
Secondly, it may be very expensive since we lack lie detector factories that may guaranty constant supply of the machines and additionally it will remain expensive to import and hire a professional lie detector technician to stand guard and stimulate the string constantly in use, recording the negative or positive emotions of the recruits ment to be read by the lie detector operator and recorded by the machine, and on a perfect note the recruits may be put through some gruesome emotional situation by this new invention of our IGP.
Why our recruits? with these, I need to call your attention to the need to jettison this idea, Nigeria is not yet ripe for lie detectors to occupy the remaining little space.
I hope you see reasons, because if you intend to continue with this Stalin policy, human right organizations and NGO’s will have to save these police recruits, and if we are made handicap, in such situation we will have no other options than to seek redress in a competent court of law.
I bet you, you too may not successfully pass a lie detector test.

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