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Ondo Guber Race: PDP Chieftain Responds to Akeredolu’s ‘Defeat’ of Tinubu’s Candidate

Dr. Doyin Okupe, a Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs to former President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria has commented on the recently concluded All Progressives Congress primary election in Ondo State.

Dr. Doyin Okupe
The highly contested primary election of the All Progressives Congress ended yesterday with a former President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Rotimi Akeredolu a.k.a Aketi outlasting 23 other aspirants with a slim victory of 34 votes.
The drama of imposition that indicted an APC national party leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu over his ‘anointing’ of one of the aspirants for the Alagbaka Government House race – Segun Abraham infamously became the highlight of the primary election with Aketi boasting about carrying the day irrespective of Tinubu’s political influence.
The victory of Aketi and ensuing drama within the ranks of the party has attracted the response from a People’s Democratic Party chieftain, Doyin Okupe who is rumoured to be a friend of Aketi, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria.
Read his reponse on Facebook:
Yes indeed Akeredolu has won a deserved victory in the apc primaries in Ondo state. I salute the SAN’s courage and sagacity and I actually wish him well.
However, media wise, the juicy news seems to be that “akeredolu defeats Tinubu’s candidate ” I have also read pieces insinuating that aso rock and some other elements of southwest extraction, had “hands and legs” in this historic victory and “embarrassing ” loss by the APC leader.
Well the Yorubas say ” ote awo, ote ogberi ” that is, when the master is disgraced, the disciples are also shamed.
I do not support imposition in any form, politics must be based on collective and inclusive decision making process. Perhaps more importantly are issues relating to Justice, fairness and equity, with respect for one another and readiness for bargaining and institutionalising well laid out orderly and dependable compensatory party mechanism.
Haven said that, I make bold to say that there is still a place for strong leadership in our politics in the southwest. With seeming diminishing influence of Tinubu in the southwest Apc, and absolute lack of credible leadership in southwest PDP, our politics in the southwest may soon be described by that popular adage “ko si olori ni aganyin, gbogbo nwon ni o nru ikoko ewa” meaning, because there is no leader in the Aganyin community (beans porridge sellers) all of them (young &old) carry the beans pot on their heads to sell!!!
While I join millions of our people to rejoice with Akeredolu, I want to admonish that we in the southwest do not cry for or deride Tinubu but, rather we should on the two sides of the political divide, that is apc and pdp, pause and ponder on the emerging political leadership crisis in the Southwest.

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