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Omg! Man Brutally Murders His Girlfriend’s Son…You Won’t Believe What the Boy’s Mother Did About it

In what will come across as a really shocking development, a man has brutally murdered his girlfriend’s son.

A man (name withheld) and his girlfriend have been arrested after the man killed her son.
The man allegedly mutilated the boy before dumping the body in the bush.
However what has got people totally shocked is how the boy’s mother reacted to the whole development.
The woman is said to have kept totally quiet and acted like nothing had happened at all.
According to Daily Sun, before their arrest, the mother and her killer boyfriend, allegedly carried on as if nothing had happened for days after the 10-year-old was murdered.
They were finally arrested after the cops received a tip-off about the child’s murder.
The mum, who was living with her boyfriend, claimed he had threatened to kill her two surviving children if she said anything about the murder.
Captain Appel Ernst said: “Police received information on Wednesday indicating that a 10-year-old boy had possibly been murdered. Officers started investigating the allegations and questioning family members of the young boy,” she said.
Ernst said the 30-year-old mum said her son was allegedly killed on Saturday.
“She claimed her 38-year-old boyfriend killed the boy and threatened to hurt her and her other kids if she spoke out. She said she could not speak to anyone about the death of her son as she feared for her life,” she said.
Ernst said detectives were led to an open area near Silverstar Casino in Krugersdorp, where the badly mutilated body of the boy was found.
“The boyfriend and the mum are now in custody as murder suspects,” she said.

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