I’m Devastated! My Girlfriend Lied to Me She was a Virgin But I Caught Her After She Did Abortion

A man has been left in tears after he found out that the girlfriend who told him she was a virgin had done a failed abortion which meant she was having s*x behind his back.

A man is devastated by the news he just got after finding out that his girlfriend had gone for an abortion after she had told him that she was a virgin. Read as shared by Yoanswers.
I had this call on Tuesday morning from a strange number, the caller told me I needed to see her in the hospital, that my girlfriend was on admission. She called her name (my girlfriend’s name). When I got there, my girl was admitted already, so many questions popped out, but her friend was unable to gimme answers, so I decided to meet the doctor. When I asked him what the problem was, he told me the abortion she did was not successful, the operation didn’t go well.
I was like: who went for abortion? who was aborted?
He said my girl had an abortion somewhere and the operation wasn’t proper, that she was bleeding seriously when her friends brought her, he asked me if I was not aware. I was shocked to the point I had to take medication to help recover, this is someone that claimed her virginity was intact and she wouldn’t want to lose it till she marries; I loved and respected her wish, I never knew she was only acting along all this while and having s*x at my back.
God! that was way too much for me. I made the necessary payment for her treatment and left. She called on that Tuesday night, I picked and heard she was okay, so I told her to take care of herself and I ended the call.
Since then She has been calling, sending SMS and telling me she is sorry. Seriously, I don’t know what to do with her or what to tell her, these are just the reasons I don’t want to pick her calls anymore.
What should I do with this girl? I’m totally confused.

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