Hilarious! Is this the Most Foodie Couple on Earth? See the ‘Fufu Couple’ That People Have Been Talking About


A couple has stunned people with their pre-wedding photoshoot which has got everyone talking online.

This photo has got many people talking on social media.
The photo shows a man and his bride taking part in their pre-wedding photoshoot.
In the photo, the couple is obviously preparing ‘fufu’, the local solid accompaniment to any soup of choice during a meal in some West African countries.
The woman is pouring the ingrediants into the mortar while her groom pounds it into fufu.
Social media users have reacted to the photo with many people calling the couple “the most foodie couple on earth”.
Others have joked that the couple will never fight because the fufu will keep them together, saying “what fufu has joined together, no one can put asunder.”

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