Help! I Caught My Randy Dad Having S*x with My Mom’s Best Friend…Should I Tell My Mom?

A young teenage girl is in a dilemma after catching her randy dad having s*x with her mother’s best friend and now she doesn’t know whether to tell or not.

*Photo used for illustrative purpose*
I am 19. Last month, I caught my dad having s*x with my mum’s best friend.
My mum wasn’t at home, she was at the hospital due to an accident while I was supposed to get her food that day, but I forgot to take some money because I was supposed to buy Milo and other things my mum wants.
I surprisingly went back home and caught them having s*x.
Since that day, my dad has been VERY nice to me, he buys me a lot of things JUST for me NOT TO TALK, but I do reject them.
My question is, do you think I should tell my mum, I don’t want my parents apart and secondly, may be my dad and the other woman are still doing it. My mum is home now and feeling better but i’m just confused if I should tell her.

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