Failure of Past PDP Govts Pushed Edo Girls into Prostitution In Italy – Mrs Obaseki Blows Hot


As the gubernatorial race between the People’s Democratic Party and the ruling All Progressives Congress draws nearer, most issues have become politicized including the trend of prostitution in Edo State.

Mrs Betsy Obaseki,
Mrs Betsy Obaseki, wife of the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mr Godwin Obaseki has said the failure of past PDP administration pushed Edo girls into prostitution in Italy.
Saturday Vanguard cornered her shortly after her husband got the endorsement of over 40 men of God across the state and women groups across the 18 Local Government of the state Thursday.
When asked about her view on child trafficking in the state she said:
“Before we castigate our daughters who are engaging in trafficking or travelling to Italy, I think we should first sit down and ask why the situation is like that, it cannot happen like that. The obvious reason to me is that previous governments have failed in Edo state. It is the failure of government that caused it. People leave the country to go to another country in search of greener pastures. A child who is comfortable in his father’s house will not leave for another man’s house.

Children go out when they are badly treated at home, when they are not happy. So rather than government castigating these our women they should look inwards and accept that they have a responsibility to these girls. If you fix this state and make it attractive our girls will not leave. You can see that the trend started abating when Governor

Oshiomhole came to power, they started seeing hope in Edo state and they are living here today doing one thing or the other. So past governments in this state failed our people and that is why they were all going to Italy”

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