Drama as Male Secondary Students Riot Because of Girls…What Really Happened Will Shock You

Commotion has taken over a secondary school as male students go on serious rampage over girls.

A scene from the riot
It was pure commotion recently after many students from Kamama Boys High School in Embu County destroyed property in their school and injured one teacher after they were supposedly denied spending more time with visiting girls.
According to Tuko, the students went on a rampage after the administration asked St Ann Kiriari Girls-who were there for a debating competition to leave after the debate ended so that the boys could resume their preps.
The boys wanted more time with girls and were furious the school wasn’t letting them.
“At around 11pm, they walked out of their dormitories and started pelting buildings with stones. They were about 500 students and walked towards the market screaming,” James Karisa, Embu North OCPD told the Nairobian.
The students broke windows and injured one teacher when a stone hit him as he tried to calm them down.
No student was injured and police were called to restore order.
This was a surprise to the school’s principal, Obadiah Mwatha, who said that the students haven’t been violent in the past.

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