Warning! Thieves Employ New Technique to Steal from Vehicles…See Details (Photo)

Thieves have now found a new technique of stealing from drivers and making it seem very easy and undetected.

The picture shows thieves as they try to steal a car tyre (Photo:The Kenyans)
A photo showing thieves in operation has gone viral to educate people and warn them not to fall victim. The image captures alleged thieves stealing a spare tyre from a parked vehicle in a crafty way.
The thieves are said to park right behind a car, open all the doors to seem as if they are fixing something on their own vehicle. Within seconds, they have unbolted your tyre knots and disappear with the tyre and wheel.
Many people have confirmed witnessing such incidents and have asked the general public to be cautious when people park near them.
According to reports, the trick is majorly employed on Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) which have a spare tyre attached at the back. They also open up the boot to get hold of the extra wheel.

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