Unbelievable! Woman Sparks Outrage After Being Caught Shaking Her Waist Seductively in Front of Her Kids (Video)

A young mother has been caught on camera doing what has been heavily criticized as indecent on social media.

This is the moment a woman was captured doing what has been described as “unbelievably perverted”
The woman was seen dancing in a really seductive way to a music right in front of her kids.
Although the woman’s identity has not been verified, her video has become an instant hit on social media with many saying it signifies the end of the times.
The video starts with the woman shaking her waist while her kids sat there looking at her with bewildered eyes.
At a point, she raised her head and granted viewers a glimpse of her face then continued her dance.
Many social media users have slammed her performance.
Watch the video below:

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