Unbelievable! Rich Women are Now Seducing and Having S*x with Casual Labourers…See Shocking Details

In what will come across as a really shocking development, rich women are said to be s*xually involved with labourers.

It has been revealed that rich housewives including white women are now preying on unsuspecting artisans for s*x.
According to The Nairobian, the woman later pay the men handsomely for their special services.
It has emerged that the women prefer the labourers who come and go as opposed to those who stay within, they claim they might be tempted to blubber to the absentee husbands.
The report revealed that an electrician got more than what he had bargained for during a visit at one of the posh homes in Karen.
The electrician who had been hired to repair broken bulbs received over KSh 35,000 after he got intimate with his boss.
He claims the lady of the house walked to his working area, dressed scantily and openly requested for s*x to which he agreed grudgingly.
It did not stop there, he went for more sessions days later until the husband suspected.
In a twist of events, the husband also tried to lure him into s*x, which made him run from the whole situation.
A carpenter who has also been involved with one of the rich women said the women sometimes asks their husbands for permission before engaging.
Spouses to those employed in such houses are sometimes worried about what happens knowing very well they can easily fall prey to such arrangements.
The trend of married women dating house boys or shamba boys is not new. it has been a trend for a while now.and their askaris
Studies show the women engage in such affairs for s*xual satisfaction and happiness, for companionship, to prove a point to their husbands and generally just to feel good

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