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Unbelievable! Heavily Pregnant Woman Caught on Camera Pole Dancing While in Labour (Video)

A woman who was obviously heavily pregnant has stunned people after she was caught on camera pole dancing.

Kat Bailey has bee dancing throughout her pregnancy
The woman identified as Kat Bailey got people talking after she got on a pole to dance while in labour.
The pregnant woman decided to take her mind off her labour contractions by pole dancing through the pain.
Kat Bailey is from West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire.
She filmed herself spinning around, holding herself upside down and doing the splits after her waters broke.
The former university lecturer turned pole-dancing instructor shared the awe-inspiring video on Facebook on 1 August 2016, and it has since racked up over 31,000 views.
She wrote: “So… I’m officially in labour:). Got a few hours before we go to the hospital so thought I’d do some pole between contractions.”
In the 30-second film, Kat, who is dressed in a purple vest and rainbow-coloured leopard print leggings, can be seen standing in front of her pole.
She tells the camera, “I thought I’d do some pole, just to show I still can”, before going for a whirl.
She then performs the human flag move – holding herself horizontally in the air with legs split.
Kat gracefully climbs back down and says: “Ta-da! Baby can come now.”
Kat launched PoleKat Fitness in 2011.
She found online fame after entering a pole dancing competition when she was seven months pregnant.
Kat has previously hit back at claims the sport will hurt her unborn child, telling social media fans: “It’s not a great idea to take up a dangerous hobby when you become pregnant, but in general they do encourage exercise when you’re expecting.”
Watch the video below:

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