Unbelievable! Couple Turn Their Wedding Party Into a Horror Movie Scene (Photos+Video)

A man and his wife have staged a horrific wedding ceremony that has left many people talking.

The groom, DeAngelo Williams is an NFL player.
The young man and his and wife, Risalyn got married on Saturday June 23 and decided to take fandom to a whole new level.
The couple are diehard fans of The Walking Dead horror movie. They decided to have a Walking Dead–themed wedding at the Peabody in Memphis, Tennessee.
Williams had professional makeup artists transform him and his wedding party into zombies.
According to ESPN, Williams has been a fan of horror since he was a child, as well as the WWE character, The Undertaker. As he grew up, he became engrossed in Robert Kirkman’s horror comic The Walking Dead and the AMC television adaptation.
Williams wanted his love for The Walking Dead and all things terrifying to be a part of his wedding to Risalyn Williams. As he explained to ESPN, he wanted his big day to be fun for everyone.
His bride, Risalyn, was surprisingly on board with the concept.
“He didn’t have to convince me,” Risalyn told ESPN while clad in her wedding gown and fake blood. “He really had to convince the bridesmaids, and then he said they had to do it because they’re bridesmaids.”
The zombie wedding party looked very convincing.
Williams calls the experience “a dream come true” and “unbelievable,” and he said he’s glad he got to share this moment with the woman he loves.
Watch the couple in the video below:

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