Son From Hell: Man Terribly Beats Up His Own Mother at Home…Why He Did it Will Shock You (Photo)

In what will come across as a really shocking development, a man has beat up his own mother horribly.

Bruised Dorah doesn’t understand why she was assaulted. Photo by Stephens Molobi 
The woman identified as Gogo Dorah Radebe, 84, a South African, has received the shock of her life.
She was shocked after her own son attacked and beat her up.
According to Daily Sun SA, Mrs Radebe was looking forward to being spoiled by her children on Women’s Day so she decided not to cook that morning while waiting at her house in Mofolo, Soweto for her family to arrive.
But little did she know that she was waiting for a beating!
When her son (50) discovered his mum hadn’t prepared food for him, he allegedly beat her up with a piece of wood and her walking stick. When the gogo fell to the ground, he kicked her.
“I really don’t know why he was so furious,” said Dorah. “He almost killed me.

“He told me that I must get out of his father’s house for good. He forgets that he is my son and the house still belongs to me.”
Family members are very angry with the man, who ran off after beating up his mum.
Tshepo Radebe (36) said what has happened to his gogo was terrible.
“That guy has done a very bad thing and the worst thing is that he has done it to his mum,” said Tshepo. “He is heartless and we hope police find him.”
Police spokesman Constable John Serala said: “A case of assault has been opened.”

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