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I Sneaked Out Behind My Wife to Have S*x with Another Woman – Man’s Shocking Confession

A man addicted to s*x has begged for help after he cannot stop cheating on his wife as this might soon ruin his family.

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A man who cannot stop cheating on his wife has made a shocking confession. According to Deidre, the married man is looking for help.
I have been with my wife for ten years and we have a daughter who is six. At first it was OK but things started to go wrong when we got married. I am 38 and my wife is 31. I have a 15-year-old son from my previous relationship. He was jealous when we had our daughter and my wife came to hate him.
It caused huge problems and my marriage broke up over it. My wife and I accepted it was over and started to move on. I met a lovely woman who made me very happy. She is 26, has a great figure and the s*x is brilliant.
But my daughter had an accident and my wife needed help to cope so I moved back. My son has grown out of his jealousy and my wife and I decided to give our marriage a try. We are expecting a baby.
The trouble is that I just cannot help cheating. I am still seeing my lover, though she is getting increasingly fed up with the situation. But I am straying with all sorts of other women too — any opportunity I get. I must have had s*x with a dozen other women over the past months. An especially shaming moment was at my wife’s cousin’s 40th birthday party last month.
My wife was dancing with her cousin and I got chatting to a woman at the bar. I said jokingly that I would meet her outside in five minutes. I never expected her to be there but she was waiting for me.
We were soon having s*x behind some bushes.
I know this is an appalling way to behave, especially for someone who is soon going to be a father again. I want to be so much better than my own father. My dad was violent and walked away when I was a toddler. My mum’s last partner abused me sexually and I still feel my life is a mess.

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