Shocking! S*x-crazed Prostitute Dumps Baby at a Shrine and Runs Back to the Street (Photo)

A prostitute has left people in great shock after she dumped her baby at a shrine and ran off to continue her s*x business.

Nyasha Noriet popularly called Porongi dumbed her baby and ran away
A prostitute has shocked her community after she dumped her three-month old baby at a shrine in Kambuzuma where she had gone for lucky charms.
The woman from Zimbabwe identified as Nyasha Noriet, 23 popularly known in the Avenues area as Porongi is said to be in a habit of giving birth to children and then leaving them in the custody of other people.
According to H-Metro, it was gathered that after visiting Madzibaba Patrick Jani, 54, for charms sometime in July last year, she pleaded with him to take care of her baby.
She however, did not return to the shrine. Madzibaba Jani is now looking after the baby with his wife, Lucy Nyamukondiwa, 42.
Now, the woman has been accused of negligence. Madzibaba Jani told H-Metro that his major worry is that the baby has no birth records and has no idea where Porongi stays.
“I have no problem with these ladies of the night when they come here for prayers, I know how to handle them, ndinoziva pekutangira nepekugumira kana ndichivashandira,” said Madzibaba Jani.
“This lady came here with other ladies of the night and begged me to take care of her baby last year in July.
“I informed my wife and she agreed to take care of the baby but from that day, Porongi never returned and my worry is that the child has no birth records and I do not know who to approach in terms of her relatives.
“Since I help many ladies of the night, I enquired from them about Porongi and they are the ones who gave me her name.
“I was not aware of her  name but what I know is that she has a tattoo of a ‘cross’ on one of her legs and that is how I came to know that she is known in Avenues by the name Porongi.
“The child is like my daughter and she calls my wife mother, she does not know her real mother.
“I received a message that Porongi recently gave birth to a baby boy and it seems she has my contact numbers because she does not answer my calls.
“I also received a message from one of the women that she was arrested for extortion and she is out on bail but I am prepared to pray for her freedom if she comes to see her child.
“She is also my daughter and I forgive her for leaving her baby in such a way since I understand the conditions of street life,” said Madzibaba Jani.
Asked if he would allow Porongi to take her child, Madzibaba Jani said:
“I will never allow it unless she comes with someone who gives me assurance that the child will be safe considering reports I received about Porongi dumping kids wherever she lives.”
H-Metro tracked down Porongi in the Avenues around mid-night and found her parading herself along with other hookers.
She refused to entertain H-Metro saying the issue has nothing to do with the press.
“Siyana neni Arron, ndaitasei mwana wacho ndewako here, ndomararamiro angu,” she said while shying away from the camera.
One of her colleagues then revealed that Porongi’s two other children are in Murewa while another child is in Epworth under the custody of her cousin.
She is currently nursing a baby boy.

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