Shocker! Woman Shocks Airline Passengers by Checking in for Flight in Her Panties (Photo)

Did you forget something? Bizarre photo captures woman checking in at Virgin America wearing just her underwear.

Photo of a woman checking into a Virgin America flight in a pair of underpants
A photo which surfaced online few hours ago, and shows a young woman checking into a Virgin America flight with just a pair of underpants on her lower half, has gone viral.
Dailymail reported that a blonde passenger shocked those queuing behind her at the check-in desk after brazenly speaking to a member of staff with her bottom exposed.
The lady who is wearing a beige blazer and a pair of black ballet pumps and leaned against the counter as the member of staff in front of her makes a phone call, shocked the people in the queue behind her.
The picture, which was uploaded to Reddit by user Deftones1 with the caption: ‘Meanwhile at the airport’, attracted plenty of confused comments and has racked up more than 90,000 views in under 24 hours.

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