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Several Prisoners Killed in Abakiliki Foiled Jail Break

A failed jailbreak has occurred in the South-eastern part of Nigeria with several inmates feared dead in the struggle.

Abakaliki federal prison in Ebonyi state yesterday, 18th of August, 2016 recorded a failed jail break which is assumed to have caused the death of several inmates in the brouhaha.
According to  a report on the vanguard, several inmates sustained bullet wounds as security operatives struggled to secure the exits.
Rumours have it that 14 people were gunned down including a prison officer while scores who sustained bullet wound were rushed to Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki, FETHA, for medical attention.
Vanguard learned that the trouble started when prisoners early morning of Thursday revolted against the poor treatment, especially inadequate feeding that has been persistence in the prison for a long time.

Sources further revealed that the angry inmates started rioting inside the prison and used every object within their reach to attack prison officers and consequently injured many.

This caused so much turbulence in the prison with inmates seizing the opportunity to cause mayhem.

Also, that two of the prison officers wounded during the incident had been hospitalized. The Prison Officers, it was learned, returned fire for fire which resulted in the killing of several inmates and many others sustained gunshot.

An investigation revealed that, If not for the rapid response of the combined team of the Prison officers, Nigeria police and Army drafted to the scene, the inmates had started escaping from the prison having over-powered the guards.

As at press time, Soldiers and Policemen had already cordoned off all roads leading to the Abakaliki prisons.

Gunshots was heard intermittently as Police and Soldiers try to recover a firearm allegedly taken from one of the prison officers by the inmates.

The rioting inmates had already succeeded in creating an opening on the wall before anti-riot policemen arrived and heavily tear gassed them into submission.

The prison is located beside the police headquarters leading to prompt intervention from the police.

Already, the Commander of Military cantonment and the commissioner of Police had visited the area and are directing the operations to restore sanity in the prison.

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