Residents in Shock as Young Lady’s Chopped Up Body Parts Were Discovered in Nairobi (Photos+Video)

The body parts of a young lady who was killed some days ago and dumped in an estate in Nairobi in Kenya, has been discovered as local residents were pictured gripped with fear.

The scene of the shocking discovery
According to a shocking report by Nairobi News, the body parts of a young lady were on Monday afternoon, discovered dumped in Umoja II estate area of Nairobi, as her hands, head and legs were found in a black plastic bag and thrown in a thicket near Fadhili Primary School in the area.
Security operatives suspected that the victim was killed a few days ago and stored in a refrigerator before her chopped body parts were dumped  near the thicket, as the Police were trying to find her torso which is still missing.
A senior police officer at the Buruburu Police Station in charge of investigations, Jeremiah Ikiao said; “From the look of things, the killer or killers must have used a hacksaw or a very sharp object,” adding that no suspect had been arrested and urged the public to also volunteer any information they have to help in the investigations.
The shocked residents

“We were called to the scene by residents who discovered the body parts and we took them away,”  he said.
No suspect has been arrested. He said they have taken finger prints to help identify the deceased woman from the registration of persons department.
Watch the video report below;

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