This Picture of a Corporately Dressed ‘School Teacher’ will Make You Laugh and Roll on the Floor

Social media users in Nigeria have come for the unnamed man corporately dressed as seen in a hilarious photo.

The assumed class teacher
This picture has become an object of mockery in the Nigerian media space. This person, assumed to be a school teacher at the junction of a road probably waiting for a bus or bike to convey him to his next destination.
A joke attached to the picture reads:

Question of the day
This is a “CLASS TEACHER”…….What subject do you think he teaches?

Get the answer correctly and win urself a trip to either:

1. Port Harcourt to watch PDP Convention live.

2. To Kuje prison to see some of the alleged looters.

3. To the creeks, to watch the “Operation crocodile smile” in action live against the Niger Delta Avengers

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