Pandemonium at Abule-Ado Area of Lagos as Area Boys Go on Rampage with Weapons (Photos)

There was serious pandemonium this evening at Abule-Ado bus-stop in Lagos after two separate factions of ‘area boys’ in the area clashed with machetes, bottles, charms and other dangerous weapons.

Two separate factions of  ‘area boys’ in the Abule-Ado bus-stop area of Lagos state reportedly clashed yesterday evening as resident were in serious pandemonium when the hoodlums who were armed with machetes, bottles, charms and other dangerous weapons, fought each other injuring themselves in the process of the free-for-all brawl.
According to a eyewitness, even the presence of security personnel could not stop the bloody fight as soldiers stormed the area and shot sporadically in the air in order to stop the fight but the area boys still stood their grounds, so policemen had to resort to peace talk between both parties.
As expected, heavy traffic gridlock overtook the area as motorists and other road users were seeking alternative routes to get to their destinations. Policemen was said to have sealed the main road leading to Abule Ado extension (the side where the other hoodlums stay).

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