Omg! Villagers in Shock as Chicken Grows Breast-like Features (Photo)

Villagers have been left stunned after a chicken developed breast-like features like a human being in Kenyan community.

The farmer displays the chicken before villagers
Residents of Kikuyan village in Narok of Kenya have been left in great shock after a chicken in the village reportedly developed what looks like breasts.
According to information released by Amos Leshinka the farmer who owns the chicken said this was the first time he has witnessed such an incident in his life.
Edaily reports that residents had a conflicting theory on the chicken, with some believing it could have been caused by a curse on the family.
However, elders in the village said the Narok chicken is a blessing and would bring wealth to the family.
Many people are now trooping to the place to see the weird chicken.
Narok County Livestock Director David Mpilei confirmed the unusual features of the hen is as a result of genetic deformities.

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