Omg! See Pretty Big Girl Disgraced in Public After Being Caught Stealing from a Boutique (Photos)

A big girl was left totally embarrassed and disgraced in public after she was caught red-handed stealing a cloth in a boutique.

Gracious Mutamangira was disgraced for stealing
A city ‘big girl’ has been publicly disgraced after she was caught red-handed stealing a dress in a boutique near Copacabana Bus Terminus of Zimbabwe last Friday.
According to H-Metro, she was given the beating of her life before she was forced to pose for pictures while holding the dress.
The woman was identified as Gracious Mutamangira, refused to entertain this publication.
However, the girl’s mother has come out to defend her. The mother identified as Noleen Mutamangira said:“There is no need to publish the story as it is being handled by the police. We are actually looking for that person who took those pictures because it is evidence that my daughter was assaulted and unlawfully detained by those people,” she said.
“The person who took those photos said he was the shop owner but now he cannot be found. He is wanted for the crime he committed.
“It is not proper for this story to be published before it is resolved.
“We were supposed to go to court on Saturday but we couldn’t because that man is on the run.
“These people accused my daughter of stealing a dress which is not true and they assaulted her for something that she did not do.
“In as much as you want to cover this story you must be prepared for the consequences of publishing it,” she added.
The shop owner said she was not there when the incident happened. The pictures that are circulating on social media show Gracious holding the dress and plastered with flour in a bid to humiliate her for the alleged offence.

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