Omg! See Picture of Pretty Woman Who Confessed After Having S*x with a Dog and Other Animals (Photo)

A woman who was humiliated after photos of her having s*x with a dog circulated in her community has confessed to the crime.

Kimberly Coggin admitted having s*x with a dog
A 39-year-old woman has admitted to police that she had s*x with a dog and other animals.
The woman from Mississippi, was nabbed after pictures showing her having s*x with a dog started circulating. Local television station WTVA reports the Calhoun County woman has pleaded guilty to the appalling charges.
She was accused of having unnatural intercourse with a dog and admitted the count. The station reports Sheriff Greg Pollan pieced the case together once the incriminating sordid picture emerged.
They said Kimberly Coggin, 39, of Vardaman was arrested Saturday after an investigation into a photo that was being circulated in the county.
He told the station she admitted to having s*x with more than one animal. Pollan says Coggin opted to waive indictment and pleaded guilty to the charge during a hearing Monday in Calhoun County Circuit Court, says WTVA.
She was given a 10-year suspended sentence, five years probation and ordered to register as a s*x offender. Pollan says an investigation is now underway into how the photo was released to the community.

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