Oh No! Wife Stabs Husband with His Intestines Gushing Out (Photo)

A heartless wife has brutally stabbed her husband after a disagreement leaving him fighting for his life at a hospital.

The man is now fighting for his life at the hospital (Photo:Citizen Digital)
A man has been brutally stabbed by his wife several times with his intestines gushing out.
The man who is now fighting for at the Nakuru Level Five Hospital was left with extensive abdominal injuries on Monday night.
Citizen Digital revealed that Kamau Njiru from Mwariki estate in Nakuru, Kenya, was allegedly attacked by his wife for the second time after he apparently questioned her about the presence of two male friends at their house.
Speaking more about the incident, the nurse in charge, Florence Ngoya, said that the patient had been received in the same hospital last year with similar injuries and had reported that he had been attacked by his wife.
“He was bleeding profusely when we received him, his intestines were out as the wife had stabbed him in the abdomen. We have, however, managed to stabilize him,” noted the nurse.
Ngoya said that the patient was rushed to the hospital by good Samaritans who, she said, did not give their details. She added that the patient regained consciousness and told the medics that he had been attacked by his wife.
Police have since launched investigations into the matter

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