Nigerian Salesman Who Brutally R*ped a British Teacher in Dubai Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

A Nigerian man accused of following a British teacher to her room and forcefully having s*x with her has been sentenced to prison.

A 30-year-old Nigerian salesman accused of r*ping a woman after following her to her flat on New Year’s Eve, has been sentenced to 10 years in jail.
The man committed the shocking crime at around 3.30am on January 1 when the woman, a British teacher, was coming back late to her flat in Silicon Oasis. The Court of First Instance convicted the defendant of charges including r*pe, physical assault and trespass and ordered his deportation after completion of his term.
According to KhaleejTimes, the complainant, 32, said she saw the man in the lift and thought he was a resident. “He asked me on which floor I was in, and as I reached my flat, I was surprised to see him following me. He said he wanted to make sure I was okay.”
She had just opened the door when the accused quickly pushed it and barged inside. She could not run outside as he dragged her to her bed where he r*ped her, she claimed. He left shortly later.
A Rashidiyah policeman said in the investigation that the incident was reported around 7am. “We moved to her flat and collected the clothes she was wearing at the time.”
The police arrested the accused around 11am on the same day.
“He said that he went to that building to visit a friend but did not find him.”
The officer quoted the defendant as saying that the woman did not look sober and was carrying a junk food bag.

“He said he helped her with the bag and went with her to her flat where she asked him to have s*x with her.”
The officer also checked the CCTV’s footage. “They kept talking at the lift and did not take it for some time. When they finally took it, she handed him a bag.”
The Criminal Evidence Department’s report showed that the man did have s*x with the complainant. Small bruises were spotted on her body.
The verdict may be appealed.

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