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Massive Flood: Port Harcourt ‘Swims’ After 2-Hour Rainfall…See Disturbing Photos

Residents of one of the major areas in Port Harcourt, River State have been thrown into disarray following a heavy downpour today, 12th of August, 2016.

A social media user resident around the Okoporo road in Port Harcourt, Rivers State has lamented on an incidence of flood in his area due to a massive rainfall in the face of poor drainage system.
This flood has affected commercial activities in the area
Read the words of the news poster below:
“Flood over took RD road off okoporo road in Port Harcourt just after only 2 hours of rain today. The government should come to the aid of thie people living here as there is no working drainage system coupled with bad road. This road is even behind the fence of shell residential area this company can also be of help”

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