selfie of the year

Is this the Selfie of the Year? See the Two Young Children That Everyone Has Been Talking About (Photo)

A new photo making the rounds on the internet has shown two young children engaged in an activity that is quite amusing.

This is the moment two children were seen striking a mock pose for a selfie.
The photo which has since gone viral on social media shows a young boy and a girl who is supposedly his sister taking a “selfie”.
The boy is holding a slipper and both of them are looking intently at it as if its a camera.
Their pose has attracted a huge reaction on social media with many people considering it a very funny development.
“They are surely gearing up for social media activity” one Chibuike Aneke joked
Another commenter said: “Na wa o, no be small thing. This slipper must have been made in mars”

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