I’m Sorry If I Convinced Anyone to Vote for Buhari – Pro-APC Supporter, Feyi Fawehinmi Apologizes to Nigerians

Amid the increasingly excruciating economic and political crises currently rocking the nation, a frustrated staunch supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari, has had a second thought on the role he played in helping the president to power.

Feyi Fawehinmi
A well known staunch supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari among others is becoming frustrated and rethinking the roles they played in helping the president to power amid increasingly excruciating economic and political crises rocking the nation.
On Wednesday, Feyi Fawehinmi, who is popularly known for his pro-Buhari/APC stance, surprisingly expressed disappointment in the administration, and apologized to his followers for convincing them to vote for Buhari in last year’s presidential election.
“It is possible that I convinced a couple of people to vote for Buhari and the APC. I owe them an apology. The instincts of these people is to run with their expired ideas directly in the face of all the contrary evidence i.e. the 21st century.
“In fact, they are not interested in evidence, they are so convinced of their own foolishness. A bunch of undercover communists and unreconstructed socialists.

“I have nothing in common with such people and yet I somehow donated money to them and canvassed people to vote for them. I will freely say that this is one of the biggest lessons I have learnt in my life so far.

“If I convinced even 10 people to vote for Buhari, then I owe them an apology. For not properly interrogating the people who offered themselves as the solution to Nigeria’s problems. Not because it would have made a difference but because it was the right thing to do. Nigeria was always the point,” Fawehinmi said in his published article in The Scoop.
Regretting that he failed to deeply interrogate President Buhari’s personality and capacity, he added, “If enough of us had done this, perhaps the APC would not have the confidence to be walking away so blatantly from the product it sold during the campaign as it is doing today.”
He said bringing respite to Nigerians had become a seemingly intractable challenge for Buhari’s Government “unless oil prices go back up significantly, there is really nothing coming out of the government that gives you any confidence they know what they are doing.

“The ‘smart’ people who were supposed to lead sensible reforms and drive the change agenda have been reduced to actors in a silent movie.”
He added that the government had become a source of shame to him, as it now offers daily “a dose of high drama” in place of “a change agenda that was promised.”
“I feel sad and ashamed at the way things are unfolding…The government that promised change is now so bound up in politics that changing anything is practically impossible even when they know the thing is not working.”
Click here to read his full article posted on his website The Scoop.

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