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Huge Breasts Display: What this Nigerian Bride Wore on Her Wedding Day will Shock You (Photo)

Globalization has become the bane of indecency in Nigeria through the advent and adoption of body-revealing clothes.

The bride on her wedding day
The picture of this bride who revealed a large chunk of her breasts on her wedding day has been trending on social media. Her face is purposely censored to conceal her identity.
This part of the wedding ceremony reportedly took place in the church which people have described as adding insult to injury. This has caused a furore on social media by some puritans and religious fundamentalists.
Below are some of the top reactions on social media:
“What manner of stupidity is this on a wedding way? Is this Fashion or madness”

“What manner of foolishness it this anyway? I am so mad of this wedding dressing that am ready to course even the designer and the bride who put on this dressing. What is really wrong with ladies or nowadays?”

“How can a pastor even admit this kind of bride into his church to be wedded? These new generation churches are really not helping matters at all. Sometimes you wonder if we are serving the same God. Dressed like this on a wedding day, God know how she dresses conventionally”

“The wedding gown could have been borrowed”

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