VIctim Victoria Martens, 10. is seen in a Facebook photo Albuquerque police are releasing new details in what they are calling one of the worst cases they've ever seen. Police said 35-year-old Michelle Martens and her boyfriend, 31-year-old Fabian Gonzales confessed to police Wednesday that they injected Martens' 10-year-old daughter with methamphetamines "to make her calm down so they could do what they wanted with the little girl."  Police said the young girl was sexually assaulted by Gonzales and his cousin, 31-year-old Jessica Kelley. After the assault police said the girl was either stabbed and strangled to death.  "What happened to this little girl is¿ Horrific. It's one of the worst things I've read in my entire life," Albuquerque police spokesman Tanner Tixier said in a news conference Wednesday night.  Tixier added that from his conversation with detectives Martens did not show any remorse.  "I can't speak to what this mother was planning for her child other than the horrific events that happened to this child. I would find it hard to believe that she was planning a birthday party for this child," Tixier said.  Kelley has refused to talk to police so far, but is currently in the hospital recovering from injuries she likely sustained while trying to flee the scene, Tixier said.

Horror! Woman and Her Boyfriend R*pe 9-year-old Girl then Set Her Body on Fire (Photos)

A woman and her boyfriend with another person are being made to answer after they brutally attacked and killed a girl.

Victoria Martens
A young girl of just nine years has been brutally murdered.
The girl identified as Victoria Martens, was found after she had been killed and set on fire.
According to Metro UK, she was r*ped, murdered and dismembered.
The charred body of Martens was found on her 10th birthday in an apartment in New Mexico.
Fabian Gonzales was arrested and charged
Police say the girl was first injected with methamphetamine, then sexually assaulted, strangled and stabbed and then dismembered.
Accordin to Metro UK, officers received a call about a disturbance inside the family apartment at the Arroyo Villas Apartment Complex on Irving Boulevard in Albuquerque.
One of the arriving officers found the girl’s body in a bathroom, rolled up in a blanket that had been set on fire.
‘This is a horrific tragedy for our community,’ said Police Chief Gordon Eden.
‘I want to assure the public that we will pursue justice and we will make sure that we exhaust every resource into this investigation.’
Jessica Kelley, Gonzales’s cousin, stabbed Victoria
Michelle Martens, the victim’s mother, her 31-year-old boyfriend Fabian Gonzales and his 31-year-old cousin, Jessica Kelley, face charges of child abuse resulting in death and kidnapping, and tampering with evidence.
Gonzales and Kelley have also been charged with criminal s*xual penetration of a minor.
Martens later confessed, according to the criminal complaint. She said Gonzales had drugged the girl to ‘calm her down’ so he could have s*x with her.
Michelle Martens later confessed to police
She said Kelley held her hand over the child’s mouth and stabbed her in the stomach after Gonzales strangled her.
She said that Gonzales and Kelley then dismembered Victoria.
Laura Bobbs, a local minister and close family friend of the victim, broke down sobbing outside the apartment when she heard what had happened.
‘Who does this to a little child?’ she asked. ‘What evil.’

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