Hilarious! What Would You Do if a Dead Relative Shows Ap Alive in Your House?…See Possible Reactions

If a relative who had already died showed up alive again, what will be your reaction? What will you do?

Recently, an Indonesian man was reported to have returned home alive after he was presumed dead.
Locally, we hear stories of how people encounter supposedly dead persons or how dead relatives turn up alive like…
Truth be told, you never really know how you’d react in that kind of situation until you actually find yourself in it. The reactions range from pure joy….
…to shock and surprise….
Then to realisation, and absolute katakata….
If it so happens that some members of the family were responsible for his death in the first place, that na serious gobe…
And then the returnee lets you all know he is aware there was an attempt on his life….
Meanwhile, the person finds out it was actually you whom he loved most that the devil used…

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