Erotic Tales: My S*xual Encounter with My Father’s Girlfriend – Man Narrates

A sizzling tale of s*xual experience by a man well narrated to entertain and satisfy. (This article is rated 18+)

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I was home for the weekend. My father had a party planned for that Saturday and he asked me to come back to Abuja to help set things up.
He organized the party for his club members every year and since I was his only son, I was always asked to put whatever I was doing on hold and go back home to help out.
Sadly, the party was never a good opportunity to meet girls. It was usually filled with old guys and their wives.
Just once, I wished some of them thought to bring over their hot daughters, I thought to myself as I lifted cases of beer from my car.
That was usually my chore, making sure there were more than enough to drink. There were caterers and other organizers who sorted out the food and other party-related things.
My two sisters, both younger than me, were the only people close to my age at the party. The only other young lady was my dad’s girlfriend, Funke.
I lost my mother a few years back and my dad, instead of remarrying, chose to enjoy the company of hot young girls from time to time. He changed girls as often as most men changed clothes.
I hardly ever met the same girl every time I come back home. I didn’t blame the man, though. Why settle for the shackles of marriage when you can enjoy your fill of young hotties who were only too happy to warm your bed? I understood, I felt the same way.
I was lifting the sixth case of beer when I felt someone watching me. I stood straight and looked behind me to see Funke watching me with interest.
She was dressed in a long lace dress which showcased her bust and her hips. Her body was adorned with beautiful jewelry I was sure was paid for by my dad. She gave me a smile when I caught her staring, then turned around to leave.
she turned, I noticed the way the dress hugged her shapely ass and I watched her swing her hips alluringly as she walked away. I shook my head, trying to take the image out of my thoughts. I could not possibly be eye f*cking my father’s girl.
As the party went on, I kept catching glances of Funke. She never seemed to stay in one place and it was obvious that she wanted to make sure everybody got a glimpse of her hotness.
My father’s friends looked at him enviously as they noticed his girl and their wives maintained a sulky look on her face.
She was the cynosure of all eyes and no one had a doubt that she was the hottest woman at that party.
I, like every other warm-blooded male at that event, could not keep my eyes off Funke. It seemed she noticed too for every time she passed by me, she gave me a secret smile.
I had not said two words to her since I returned the night before but one would think we were best of friends the ways he kept shooting longing glances and odd smiles at me.
I smiled back and tried to remove nasty thoughts from my head but it was hard when she made sure I noticed her every single time she passed by.
Eventually, the party was over and we all adjourned to our bedrooms. I was lying restlessly in mine as I thought about Funke and her smoking hot body.
It was about 2am when I gave up trying to fall asleep. I got up from my bed and headed to the kitchen, hoping that getting some water in me will help me fall asleep.
It seemed I was not the only one with the same thought as I saw Funke  in the kitchen, standing leisurely against a cabinet as she sipped a glass of water. She jumped as I entered the kitchen.
“Hey,”  I mumbled, heading to the fridge. She smiled back. I took a second to look at her. She was covered in a simple, blue short robe with a sash tying both sides together.
The robe barely covered her thighs and I scanned her gorgeous legs. I forced myself to look away and took out a bottle from the fridge.
“I guess you could not sleep?” she said, trying to break the awkward silence.
I mumbled under my breath as I tried searching for a glass. I soon realized they were in the cabinet she was standing against.  I stood around awkwardly, wondering how to proceed as she kept her eyes on me.
She emptied her own glass and passed it to me. I hesitated and collected it. I looked up to see her looking straight in my eyes. She collected the bottle and glass from me, filled the glass with water and passed it back to me.
My eyes were on hers as I put the cup in my mouth. She parted her lips when I parted mine and her eyes ran down my body. It was then I realized I was standing in front of her, wearing just a pair of boxers.
I watch her eyes pause at my groin area and she licked her lips very seductively. My d*ck twitched and this did not go unnoticed as she smiled. Slowly, she came close to me. She collected the half empty glass, set it down and placed her hands on my chest.
“You are handsome,” she said.
I have tried all night not to entertain thoughts of f*cking her, but it was looking like this was exactly what she wanted.
I ran her hands down my chest, slowly to my now growing d*ck. She placed one hand gently on my dick through my shorts and began to move it slowly.
In no time at all, my d*ck reacted. I was watching her with interest all this time. She stroked me gently until her hands were wrapped around my hard dick.
When she was satisfied, she put her hands on the sash that tied her robe and untied it. Both sides of the robe opened up to reveal her completely n*ked underneath. Her breasts were moderately sized but perky.
Her nipples were pointing directly at me. My eyes wandered further down to take in her almost bald p*ssy.
Funke seemed to be enjoying my eyes on her body because, using one hand, she slowly made her way to her own pussy. She looked at me as she slowly slipped a finger inside her cunt.
Her finger disappeared into her pussy as she fucked herself. My d*ck was aching and threatened to rip out of my shorts at this point. Watching her finger her juicy pussy was driving me crazy.
After slipping her index finger in and out of her wet cunt for a few more seconds, she placed her palm on the counter behind her, lifted herself up and sat down with her legs spread.
I could clearly see the opening of her p*ssy as she brought her hand back there, stroking its entrance.
“What are you waiting for?”  she said as she kept her eyes on my d*ck. I needed no further encouragement. I pulled down my shorts and moved closer to her to replace her finger with my cock.
“F*ck, yeahhh…” she moaned quietly as I entered her. Her p*ssy tightened gloriously around my d*ck as I began to move in and out of her.
Her sweet perfume mixed with the smell of her cunt juice was turning me on as I kept on f*cking. Each time I entered her deeper, she moaned and held on to me tighter.
Her hands were wrapped around my neck and her fingers dug into my skin with each thrust.
I wrapped my hands around her waist as I thrust my hard and throbbing cock in and out of her until she exploded around me. She threw her head back and moaned as she spilled her sweet pussy juice on my d*ck.
Her orgasm made her even wetter and my dick kept sliding in and out without hindrance. I buried my head in the crook of her neck and began to f*ck her with even more intensity and speed.
My hard cock felt warm in the walls of her tight p*ssy and I let the feeling take over me. The harder she moaned, the harder I fucked until I was pushed over the edge and came hard inside her sweet p*ssy.
She held me to her body as my orgasm passed. I looked at the clock on the wall. There was still time to enjoy her p*ssy some more before the day broke.
“Wanna come to bed with me?” I whispered.
She nodded.

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