Drama as Mourner’s Valuables Disappear at Night at a Burial Ceremony (Photo)

Some women who had been mourning at a burial ceremony have been shocked when their valuables mysteriously disappeared.

From left: Sandy Mokoena, Maria Motsitsi and Mary Mboi are angry about losing their valuables. Photo by Doreen Mokgolo
Some mourners at a burial ceremony are in shock after losing their valuables.
Thugs are suspected to have committed the act which occurred in Stinkwater, north of Pretoria, South Africa.
The suspected thugs stole from the grieving women in the early hours of Sunday morning.
According to The Sun SA, relatives who came to bury Tumelo Mokoena (31), who died in a fire two weeks ago, are asking themselves how the crooks managed to steal from them.
When the group of more than 50 fell asleep after a long night vigil, the thugs entered their room and searched their bags.
Angry mourner Sandy Mokoena (52) said she was shocked when she saw their belongings scattered on the floor. “I was about to go to the toilet when I saw clothes and handbags scattered about. I noticed there were some open wallets and ID books on the floor.

“I realised that something bad had happened. I searched for my three cellphones but they were missing.

“I woke up the other people and they also discovered their belongings were gone,” she said.
Gogo Mary Mboi (73) said she suspects the thugs used something to make them fall asleep.
“There is no other explanation for this. How can a house full of over 50 mourners not hear or feel when they were searched, some even in their pockets. The suspects walked around the house without anyone hearing a thing.

“I think they gained entry through the bedroom window because we found a sneaker print on the tablecloth covering the table near the window,” she said.
Temba police spokeswoman Captain Sarah Lesabane said they don’t have a record of the case. “We advise the victims to visit the station and ask to see the station commander. He will help them with the case.”

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