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Drama as Angry Villagers Kick Pastor Who Sells the ‘Urine of Jesus Christ’ Out of Their Community (Photo)

Angry villagers who are already fed up with a pastor for his rather obnoxious manners have decided to get rid of him.

The Mthatha High Court has ordered Pastor Phikolomzi Mafanya to remove this building
he set up in the middle of a soccer field in Zimbane. Photo by Unathi Mshumpela
A pastor identified as Phikolomzi Mafanya, has gotten villagers totally enraged prompting them to chase him out.
Phikolomzi Mafanya has made himself very unpopular in Zimbane Village, in the Eastern Cape after villagers claim he had used threats on them.
Mafanya, the self-proclaimed prophet of the Bridge to Heaven Ministry, has reportedly been in the village for five years.
According to Daily Sun SA, Residents revealed he held his church services in school halls without asking permission, a situation which greatly angered them.
Now he has set up his big mkhukhu (house or building) in the middle of a soccer field and has put a fence around it.
Daily Sun SA reports that, last week, angry residents asked him to leave their community and approached the Mthatha High Court and on Thursday obtained a court order giving the pastor three days to demolish his mkhukhu. Zimbane Village community leader Onke Nyathi said they were tired of Mafanya’s bullying.
“When we reprimand him, he threatens us with his black headless goat with red high heels and this scares many villagers.”
Onke said if the pastor had humbled himself and asked for a site, they would have given him one at a good price.
Villager Noni Dumani confirmed the pastor’s threats.
“He said he would torment us with his black headless goat,” she said.
Villagers also claim that he is selling pee at R1 000 a litre, claiming it is the urine of Jesus Christ.
So far, the pastor has only removed the fence. Mafanya’s lawyer has asked the court for an extension.
He said he couldn’t confirm or deny that he used the soccer field illegally. He said he asked the community to allow him to use a small portion of the field temporarily but instead was told to buy it.
He denied that he sells pee that he claims is the urine of Jesus Christ. He said it is holy water from the Jordan River.
“As for the goat, the Holy Spirit inside me manifests itself in different ways that some people may not understand.”
He said he would remove his mkhukhu.

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