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Most Dangerous Wedding Ever? You Won’t Believe What this Couple Did on their Wedding Day (Photo+Video)

A couple getting married has decided to hold the ceremony in a really daring fashion which has got people stunned.

Chinese couple holds wedding ceremony underneath glass bridge
A couple in China have stunned people on their wedding day.
The Chinese couple marked their wedding day in their own special way which was by dangling underneath a glass bottom suspension bridge overlooking a gorge.
According to Reuters, the bride Jiang Huizhu and groom Zhou Wenlong wed on Tuesday, Chinese Valentine’s Day, and descended onto a small platform attached to a bridge 180m (590 ft) above ground in Shiniuzhai National Geological Park in Hunan Province for the occasion.
They lay on their backs on the platform, posing for celebratory photos amid the lush scenery.
“(It’s to) challenge ourselves…We’d like to celebrate the festival in a special way,” the bride said.
Watch a video of the event below:

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