You Won’t Believe What a Pastor’s Wife Did After She Caught Her Husband Sleeping with a Church Member

A woman has gone totally mad after allegedly catching her husband in an affair with a church member, and what she did has left many to doubt if she’s truly a christian.

A distraught pastor’s wife has done the unthinkable after catching her husband sleeping with a church member. The 35-year-old pastor’s wife invoked curses on the church member for allegedly having an affair with her husband.
According to AdomNews, the angry woman, Janet Akosua Amoako claimed she caught her husband red-handed in the lady’s room eating dinner.
“We are all in the same church but all of a sudden my husband started behaving strangely till I caught him talking on phone with that woman. She has been pestering my husband and calling him everyday even at night and even cooking for him to eat,” she explained to Nhyira FM’s Naa Amerley on Thursday.
Speaking further, the angry pastor’s wife revealed that her suspicion heightened when her husband, who is a deacon in a popular church in Kumasi, Ghana began sleeping outside and coming home at dawn.
It was at this stage the mother of a 40-day-old baby physically confronted and invoked the dreaded ‘Antoa Nyama’ deity on the lady who is also a member of the Women’s Ministry for wrecking her home.
Akosua Amoako revealed that, when the issue was brought to the attention of church elders, the lady was expelled from the church but she still continued the amorous relationship with her husband whose name was only given as Deacon Kennedy.
When she confronted her husband about the issue, the angry deacon rather sent his wife packing from her matrimonial home.
To make matter worse, Akosua said the husband has disconnected electricity from the house they share because she refused to move out of the house. The distraught woman added that, her husband later hired a truck and packed all her things it and took them to her relatives to end their marriage
In a rebuttal, Deacon Kennedy described as palpable lies the allegations being leveled against him by his ex-wife.
“I am very shocked that this woman thinks that am cheating on her. I was even preparing to get married to her fully since we have children together but I decided to back out of the marriage because of her behavior towards me and so I find it hard to believe the allegations leveled against me” he noted.
Meanwhile, parents of the deacon has vowed to support their son even if he cheated on his wife. They explained that, their son is old enough to know what is good for him.

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