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Unbelievable! Read How 2 Government Workers Skipped Work Without Anyone Knowing for 15 Whole Years

In what will come across as a really shocking development, two men who stopped coming to work were not found out for more than a decade.

The driver and gardener worked for the local government in Jerez de la Frontera, southern Spain.
The two men who were identified to have been under the employment of a local government in Southern Spain skipped work for several years without their bosses finding out.
The Two men in southern Spain succesfully got away with playing hooky from work for 15 years before their bosses even noticed.
According to Huffington Post, an investigation revealed that two local government employees never showed up for work, but the gardener and driver still regularly cashed their pay checks, The Local reports.
“Two representatives of the General Confederation of Labor union (CGT) could have gone years without coming to work,”Jerez de la Frontera town hall said in a statement posted to its website on Wednesday.
“According to a written statement by the men themselves, this situation could date back 15 years,” it added.
The pair’s dismal work ethic first came to light after the authority’s human resources department started probing staff labour records, El Pais reports.
They initially discovered the duo had not worked a single day from January 2015 to the date of the inquiry in May 2016. Further investigations revealed they’d been skipping work since at least 2001.
A representative for the men’s union, the CGT union, claimed the employees had done nothing wrong. He cited a “tacit agreement” with previous councilmen that allowed union members to take off “accumulated days” and to share the vacation days of colleagues, per 20 Minutos.
One of the men has since returned to work. Both face disciplinary proceedings. It’s unclear what penalty they may face, as the investigation continues.

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