Unbelievable! Meet the Hottest Stripper Who Made N9.5m in a Single Night (Photos)

In this shocking report, a stripper adjudged to be the hottest in Atlanta, USA has allegedly made over N9m in a single night.

Zylah is said to be the hottest stripper in Atlanta
According to information released by MTO, a stripper by name Zylah made a whopping $30,000 (N9.5m) a night. She has been dubbed the hottest stripper in Atlanta.
MTO wrote: “Rapper T.I. got himself a GOLD MINE – his new Gentleman’s Club V Live in Atlanta is PACKED TO THE BRIM every night. And it’s filled with ballers looking to empty their wallets for dancers.
According to MediaTakeOut.com’s snitches, one dancer in particular is making NBA-TYPE money at the club. Her name is ZYLAH and we hear that on Saturday she made $30K in tips – popping it for a table full of NBA PLAYERS.”

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