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Time Flies: This Picture of an Average Nigerian Sitting Room in the 90s Will Melt Your Heart

There is a common Nigerian saying that “today’s fresh hot newspaper is tomorrow’s Suya paper wrapper”, showing the transient nature of life.

The old picture in question
A social media user has released a photo of his average bachelor standard’s sitting room in the 1990s portraying electronic devices that have been lost to time due to advancement in technology.
In the sitting room, a rechargeable lantern that had a radio as well as cassette player attached to it to serve illuminating and information purposes at the event of power outage.
A VCD cassette player, VCD tapes, Sony sound system, old school television already replaced flat screens and Plasma Televisions.
Interestingly, the young man could be pictured playing the Ending-Man BS-500 AS (Terminator) that comes with original controllers, the gun and 3 cartridges which was the rave of the moment before the advent of Nitendo, Sega, Dreamcast, Playstation and the rest.
A top commenter on social media has this to say:
“Some people will look at this pic and laugh, some will look at it and smile with a nostalgic feel. Well I look at this pic and wonder to myself that this was probably the definition of a “big boy’s parlour” back in the day.

“Nothing In this Life is worth losing your true essence over.

“Time in itself is meaningless, time is transient. Do good to all men of good will when you can and go to sleep in death with the solemn conviction knowing you have done your own part to make this world a better one for someone out there

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