So Weird! Nose Growing in a Boy’s Forehead After Formerly Losing It Through a Quack Doctor (Photos)

A young boy who lost his nose after being treated by a quack doctor has had another one currently growing on his forehead…and this is so weird!

Arun Patel who lost his nose when he was a baby after he developed a severe infection has since grown a
new nose on his forehead which was then transferred to his face (right) after three months.
A 12-year-old boy whose village doctors, with no medical training, administered injections to his face when he was just one month old, causing the tissue to die and drop off, lost his nose to a severe infection as a result, but he was able to grow another one – on his forehead.
Some doctors in India reportedly performed a remarkable procedure on Arun Patel whose nose had disappeared after the tissue shrivelled and died following treatment by quack village doctors when he was a baby.
The nose grown on Arun’s forehead for three months before it was removed by surgeons and implanted where his nose should have been
Thanks to unusual plastic surgery, the boy had a nose reconstructed on his forehead before it was transplanted into place.
Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Dr Ashwini Dash, who led the surgical team said the procedure involved several stages.

‘Arun Patel’s nose had disappeared due to a side-effect of an injection when he was just one-month-old.  A normal rhinoplasty was not possible on Arun’s face as his nose had almost disappeared. 
Surgeons used cartilage from his chest to grow the new nose on his forehead. It was then transplanted into position on his face
‘Therefore, we decided to perform a special plastic surgery on him, which is medically called as ‘pre-fabricated forehead flap rhinoplasty’, the doctor said.
Doctors first reconstructed the nose on his forehead before implanting it to its proper position. The rare surgery was performed over four phases carried out over the space of a year.

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