Shocker! Islamic Street Preacher Screams ‘Allahu Akbar’ in Policeman’s Face…Find Out What Happend Next

Islamic street preacher filmed screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ in policeman’s face and abuses him as crowd in Birmingham jeer the officer who somehow remains calm and refuses to arrest him.

Islamic street preacher has been filmed angrily shouting at a police officer
In an alarming video clip filmed in Birmingham city centre, UK, which is making rounds online and social media, an Islamic street preacher was seen angrily shouting at a police officer who was investigating a complaint made about the preacher by a member of the public.
The video footage shows the policeman approaching the man who is wearing traditional Islamic dress and standing with another man and a woman.
According to Dailymail UK, it is unclear what it is about – but the man is already highly agitated when the footage begins. ‘Here is my witness,’ he yells, gesturing to the woman, ‘if you want to arrest me arrest me.’ 
He vehemently explains that the lady who complained had walked up to him rather than the other way round, making him the innocent party. ‘Do you think I’m scared?’ he says sceptically to the officer who is trying to reason with them.
The Islamic preacher then begins to shout with increasing force over the policeman:  ‘Freedom of speech, we are not going to take your racism anymore. We’re not terrorists and we are not suicide bombers, throw your television in the dustbin. This is a free country and we can speak freely in public!’
He goes on to claim that the woman who complained had threatened him when she approached him. But when the officer asks if he can give him the ‘common decency’ of not shouting over him the preacher continues to bellow his reasoning.
And as the policeman walks away slightly to attempt to diffuse the situation he yells after him,  ‘Go, go find some rapists!’
Watch the video footage below, courtesy of Mailonline video;

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