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Shock as Residents Wake Up to Find an Open Grave in Their Community (Photo)

Residents were shocked when they woke up to find out that a grave had been emptied out by unknown persons.

Shocked residents at the site if the open grave. photo: Daily Sun SA
It was pure shock that took over the Kekena Gardens, north of Pretoria recently when residents found an empty grave.
It was Friday morning last week and residents were awed when they woke up only to find out that a grave had been dug out and was empty.
According to Daily Sun SA, one of the residents, Frans Laka (55), said he was identifying all the old graves when he discovered an open one.
“I was counting all the graves because some people are building shacks in the area. We are planning to build a security fence to protect them. I was shocked when I found plates and mugs scattered near the grave.
“The rocks which used to cover it were also removed. We are worried because in the past graves were dug and bodies were sold to sangomas for muthi. We fear that this might be the case here.
“We don’t even know whose grave it was because it’s old and the name plate is nowhere to be found. Whoever did this knew that these were old graves and probably hoped we would not find out about it.
“The culprits who did this should be arrested,” he said.
Another resident, Sibongile Moale (57), said her family members were buried there.
“I was shocked to find the grave open when I came to perform a traditional ritual to appease my ancestors. We need to know who was buried here.”
“She said they were worried that people were building shacks in the graveyard. How can people be so cruel and not respect a cemetery. This is supposed to be a sacred place.
“We can’t allow the graves of our loved ones to disappear. They need to be respected and to rest in peace without disturbance,” she said.
Ward 73 Councillor Jappie Aphane said people are occupying the land illegally.
“The land is privately owned. There is an eviction order and they will be removed. We have many graves within the game reserve which were used before the residents were moved.
“ We do not tolerate the vandalising of the graves and those found responsible will be handed over to the police

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