See the Face of Nigerian Footballer Arrested with Illegal Drug and Sentenced in Cambodia (Photo)

A Nigerian man who described himself as a footballer has been sentenced to jail and fined about $10,000 for drug trafficking.

Francis Oderah
Phnom Penh Post has exclusively reported that a 30-year-old Nigerian who described himself as a footballer, was yesterday sentenced in Phnom Penh Municipal Court to eight years’ jail and fined 40 million riel (about $10,000) for drug trafficking.
The man identified as Francis Ihenwe Oderah, reportedly had 100 grams of meth in his possession when he was arrested in Phnom Penh’s Choam Chao commune in January.
During his hearing on June 7, the accused admitted having acted as a delivery man, but said he was not a dealer. It also was revealed that the meth he was carrying had a purity of about 72%.
Oderah will carry out his sentence in Prey Sar prison, where he has been detained since his arrest in January.
The court Judge, Svay Tonh also ruled that three phones and a passport taken from the defendant upon his arrest would be returned.

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