See the face of murdered Nigerian migrant, Emmanuel Chidi..waiting process to use his organs has started..

36-year-old Nigerian asylum seeker, Emmanuel Chidi Nnamdi, was beaten to death in a racist attack by an ultra of a local club soccer club Fermana who had insulted Nnamdi’d girlfriend Chinyere, calling her an “African monkey”. Police said they have arrested the suspect. (pictured above is Chidi and the girlfriend)…
A local priest at the Fermo bishop’s seminary where Chidi and Chinyere had been staying said the attack was probably linked to four bombs recently planted outside Fermo churches that had worked with migrants. The bombs, which caused little damage and hurt no one, were left outside the churches including the Duomo between February and May, Father Vinicio Albanesi said. All the churches were run by priests who are socially active in helping migrants, drug addicts and the homeless and marginalised.
According to Italian newspaper, Redazione ANSA, “waiting process before using the migrant’s organs has been started. But Father Albanesi said there were legal problems since the woman he defended from the two attackers is his live-in companion but there is no proof they are married.”
“So it isn’t clear who can give authorisation (for the transplants),” the priest said

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