See the Bad State of Roads in the South-south That Has Made Some People Very Angry (Photos)

Many people have blasted the government over its failure to help the plight of the common masses who cannot move their goods and services because of bad road.

Calabar/Itu road, Cross River State (Facebook:Eneh John)
Some Nigerians have expressed dissatisfaction at the state of some roads in the South accusing the immediate past President Goodluck Jonathan of failing to help his people when he had the opportunity.
According to a post by Eneh John who lamented the poor state of the roads, he accused the past government of failing the people by refusing to repair the Calabar/Itu road, Cross River State.
Eneh John posted on his Facebook:
Dear Readers,
“Before any of you introduce your sermon to me, be rest assured that this post may end well, or may not go down well with you. It pains my heart to write this, and to ever imagine that the Niger Delta ever had a President like goodluck.
“I make bold to say that the pains and agony that commuters pass through on the Calabar/Itu road will never depart from GEJ ‘s household. Commuters have been robbed on that spot because a foolish man who came from Bayelsa presided over the affairs of this Nation. Many have slept on the road.
“A foolish President who rather developed the Northern part of Nigeria as against the South South. An on the spot assessment will tell you that there was never a government in place.
“It was a conglomerate of vultures chewing the raw meat in Nigeria.
“I urge Buhari to hasten up and jail every fool that wined and dined with Jonathan. May my generation never fail this country the way a clueless Otuoke fool did. This cup shall someday pass away from the South South.
“I will tell my generations, that there existed a period Nigeria never had a President but a vulture. 2010-2015.
“I am not a wailer, I am a voice yearning for a better Governance.

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