Prostitutes Complain of Extortion as Customers No Longer Patronize Them (Photo)

Prostitutes are complaining bitterly over low patronage as customers no longer come as usual causing many to feel uncomfortable.

Yeukai Tsandukwa
It is no longer business as usual for some prostitutes in Zimbabwe as they are now complaining of low patronage because of extortion by some of their colleagues.
According to H-Metro, ladies of the night are now bemoaning the withdrawal of police officers, who used to scare away those extorting clients, leaving them to spend nights without a ‘catch’.
One of the hookers gave H-Metro a list of five ‘senior’ hookers she claimed were in the habit of extorting clients.
Chief among the list is Yeukai Tsandukwa who recently got away with US$4000 from a man who had hired her younger sister Tracy for a ‘quickie’ at Ledo Court in Room 22. Other hookers topping this list include Cheneso, Porongi who is now at remand prison over the same allegations.
Not to be outdone are Kelechu, Sharon, Yvonne, Gyle, Rutendo and Sibo who stay at Trekkeral and Kennedine courts.
“We are not in the avenues to extort people or commit crimes but we are service providers but because of few ladies, our families are now starving since our clients are scared of coming for services,” she said.
Top among the ladies is Yeukai accommodated at Ledo Court in room 22 who recently robbed her young sister’s client, murume mukuru akaswera achitenderera mumaAvenues senzuma irikutsvaga chakadya nyanga dzayo.
“She was not arrested since she boasts of using juju to lure clients with ‘fat wallets’ and is moving freely after she got away with such an amount.
“Mhene dzedu hadzichauya tanzwa nekutonhorerwa mahara vazhinji vavekuuya varikuuuya netuma dollar tusingatenge saka mhuri dzedu dzorarama sei?
“Yeukai recently threw a birthday party for her child after she made a series of extortions at Trekkeral and Ledo courts.
“It is better for police to return because we used to get more since these hookers feared arrest.
“Few men report extortions to police in a way to protect their reputation but they decide not to visit here in fear,”she added showing H-Metro photographs of Yeukai celebrating her child’s birthday.
One of the hookers told H-Metro that she is opting for marriage since the ‘old profession’ is no longer rewarding.
“If I find a man to marry I am now prepared because it is no longer paying and worth risking my life for,” she said.
“It is not easy to spend the whole day and night looking for clients only to get US$12 after serving almost five men,” she added.

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