Omg! Woman Flaunts Big Bum in Skimpy Shorts to Tests Men’s Reactions…What Happens Next is Shocking (Photos)

Many men have been caught in compromising positions after a woman with big bum wearing skimpy clothes walked past them trying to get a reaction.

The big booty stunt saw many men doing unbelievable things
A stunt to show men’s reaction to big bum has elicited surprising responses from people. The big booty stunt to get reactions of men when they sight one will leave you totally in awe.
The video shot by two YouTube pranksters DengisV and JasonMoments on their Immature Life channel, sees Kaysheen Whiteley flaunting her big bum and the reaction from people is epic.
She wore a pair of skimpy shorts while walking across streets obviously to get men’s attention. One man could be seen touching his manhood while looking at the woman’s big bum in public while another could be seen staring and recording the video.
See photo video:

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