Omg! Popular Bishop, 50 Other Pastors Hold Serious Prayer Against ‘Demonic Rats’ (Photo)

In a shocking twist, about 50 pastors and a bishop have held intensive prayer sessions against demonic rats.

Bishop Mark Kariuki of the Deliverance Church
A top Kenyan televangelist on Tuesday led a group of 50 preachers to pray against rats that were dumped at the Nyeri County Assembly, Kenyans reports.
According to the report, the man of God identified as Bishop Mark Kariuki of the Deliverance Church embarked on the bizarre prayer session to cleanse the assembly after human rights activists dumped the rodents at the assembly during a protest.
While speaking further, the televangelist revealed that the rats were a sign of poverty and primitivity, hence, the need to sanctify the place in order to destroy the mission of those who dumped the rodents.
Bishop Kariuki also prayed against corruption in the Assembly and for unity between Members of the County Assembly and Governor Nderitu Gachagua.
It would be recalled, that a few weeks ago, residents of Nyeri and a section of activists held protests dubbed Operation Ondoa Panya, during which they carried the rats and dumped them at the assembly.
The rodents were to ‘eat up’ the corruption that was alleged to have infested the House.
The protests were sparked by a proposal by the MCAs to construct a Sh30 Million recreational facility for themselves.

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